A heavy and slow footstep came f

A heavy and slow footstep came f
10 lip 2018 - 03:35:02
A heavy and slow footstep came from a distance, a tall, vague back passed by people... plain clothes Marlboro Cigarettes, neat hair, and the old pen that had faded. Teacher Zhang??s hoarse voice appeared in my ear againacher Zhang is a retired old teacher. Her old pen is always with Zhang teacher. The bright red shell has been dull, and even the clips of the book have fallen off. Even so, it still works diligently.never I was in the class of Teacher Zhang, I always saw the familiar writings of Teacher Zhang whenever I saw the composition written by Teacher Zhang Newport 100S.ember once, Teacher Zhang came to give us a class. When we entered the classroom Wholesale Cigarettes, we felt that something was wrong. I saw that Teacher Zhang was pale and weak, and the sweat of the beans fell from her face. But she still insisted on finishing the class, picked up the pen and changed her homework, and the trembling hand swayed the pen, making people look distressed. Sure enough, the second time I took a class, I changed my teacher. I only knew that I was sick. Teacher Zhang??s class was really not used. I still thought about Teacher Zhang and her old pen during class. Every time I saw the pen in my hand, I thought of Teacher Zhang??s old pen Cigarettes Cheaper. Every time I think about our composition, it is a way for it to change my deficiencies and to make changes. The current results can be said to be created for us. However, it also left our sights with Teacher Zhang.eally miss the day when I was with Teacher Zhang. I also missed the special old pen. Teacher Zhang??s habits have always been like this. The things that are used are always broken and can??t be used for new ones Marlboro Menthol 100S. The old pen is also her simple testimony. It is this ordinary simplicity that makes me unforgettable.e pen is mundane and insignificant. Teacher Zhang, like a pen, is deeply engraved in my heart.



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