"Prime Icon Moments" - new special cards again

"Prime Icon Moments" - new special cards again
13 lut 2019 - 09:16:40
FIFA 19 Web App Account In FIFA 19 the "Prime Icon Moments" is a new event. From Friday you can pull improved icons from packs. In the community the new event is only partially good.

At FIFA 19 as in previous versions each legend had three cards: the "Baby Icon" the "Mid Icon" and the "Prime Icon". Each card is to represent a phase of the career of the corresponding legend the latter stands for the best career phase. For example Lothar Matthäus has an 88 overall rating for his Baby Icon a 91 rating for his Mid Icon and a 93 for his Prime Icon Card.

With the new event however come again better versions of selected Legend cards. With these FIFA wants to celebrate 19 heroic moments of the icons.

As of Friday February 15 the "Prime Icon Moments" cards are available in packs. Accordingly buy FUT 19 Mule Accounts the cards can also be purchased on the transfer market. Meanwhile however it is known that in the course of FUT 19 also Squad Building Challenges will come out to the "Prime Icon Moments" cards.
Which players receive a "Prime Icon Moments" card?

So far four players are known who will receive such a card:

ST: Thierry Henry 94 France
ZM: Lothar Matthäus 94 Germany
RF: George Best 94 Northern Ireland
IV: Fabio Cannavaro 93 Italy

From this point on there are the new cards: The Prime Icon Moments event begins next Friday the 15.2. From 19 clock the new legend cards are available in packs. At the same time the "Winter Refresh" starts.

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