I often think that the

I often think that the
13 lut 2019 - 07:56:49
I often think that the green leaves are against the safflower. I often think that the coward reflects the hero. I often think that the sentient beings have made the Buddha. In fact, it is the ordinary that gave birth to greatness.cover ordinary power and sing the melody of struggle." In my hometown, Dalin Village, there is a "Jingchu model" that interprets the "ordinary" as the most perfect ------ Mr. Guo Darongars ago, Guo Darong led more than 160 villagers to mine and get rich. However, in a security inspection, an accident occurred and Guo Darong was blind. From the boss of Fenghua Zhengmao to the disabled who are blind and blind, from the ??ten thousand households?? in the village to the poor ones who owe foreign debts Marlboro Red 100S Online. His first half of life, undoubtedly experienced from the cloud to the bottom of the valley, he also complained, but also self-destructive, but also lamented the injustice of fate. Although suffering is painful, life still has to continuer the help and guidance of his lover, Mr. Guo Lao, who was physically disabled, gradually stepped out of the "shadow" and opened the fog. He found a "lily rainbow" that was only for him.e face of adversity, Mr. Guo started his own business. Mr Newport Cigarettes On Apple Store. Guo Lao began planning to raise pigs. At first, Guo Lao did not have any practical experience, let alone any technology. With his persistence and perseverance, his blindness was still unwilling to give up, and the pig farm owner was deeply moved, so he was taken in. In just a few short days, the clever Guo Lao has already mastered the skills mastered by the boss. After returning home, Guo Lao immediately joined the practice and bought 50 piglets randomly according to the technology he had mastered. The pigs are all very good, earning two million at a time, which makes Guo Lao more confident in raising pigs. eyes of the villagers, Guo Lao is more like a legend. Not only can normal people do what he can, but he does better.ecent years, Guo Lao has started planting tobacco leaves. A kind of tobacco leaf, he went to the ground and knew the distance between each tobacco leaf. The tobacco leaves suffer from insect pests. Only by touching his hands can he diagnose whether the tobacco has "green blight" or "empty stem disease" Cheap Malboro Cigarettes Wholesale. These dying tobacco leaves can always come back to life in his hands. What's more, when you smoke the tobacco, he knows if the bakao gave high hopes to our younger generation. He said: "You are all the hope of Dalin Village. You will be technical people in the future. I want to learn from you. I don't want to give up when I do things, and I don't want to fail. If I fail, I will give up." statement is not only the encouragement and exhortation of Guo Lao to our younger generation. In fact, it is his half-life life portrayal and persistence. "More than half a year, the struggle is still."have people who need more help around us." This is what Guo Lao said when he found the village director. "Although my eyes can't be seen, I can take the subsistence allowance. But there are people who need to be included in the subsistence allowance. There may not be many things for the subsistence allowance of one thousand yuan, but it is very useful for those who really need it. ". Guo Lao offered to withdraw the subsistence allowance and give it to the villagers who need it more Marlboro Gold 100 Cigarettes.eyes are blind, and the beauty of the world cannot be seen. The heart is still clarified as water, but the flowers are still blooming Ciggarettes Marlbore Reds 100 Online, the sun is shining, and the warmth is given to the people who need ithe dry season, Guo Lao invested in two reservoirs. And the villagers are provided with water5-year-old Guo Lao still does not bow to the years and struggles. Under his leadership, more thandinary sand contains precious gold, and the ordinary soil cultivates a fresh life. After the ordinary career, there is a magnificent life. We don't have to envy the star's philanthropy; we don't have to wait for the politicians' ambitions; we don't have to deliberately pursue the prosperity. In ordinary life, there is also a scene that does not look at life.rdinary around you and sing the melody. Your efforts, my efforts, and his efforts constitute the stars that will never be destroyed on the road of struggle.



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