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Discover The Hidden Mysteries of Shaolin Kung Fu
The earliest memory I have of Shaolin Kung fu techniques was while watching a martial arts movie. I loved the style of martial arts so much Roquan Smith Jersey , that I watched the second movie and dreamt of learning it one day. There was something so riveting about watching the punches, kicks and jumps. Even though it was Hong Kong Hollywood, it looked so much more real than most martial arts you see. Ive watched a lot of martial arts movies in my day. In fact, theyre actually my favorite type of movie. Recently I saw Jet Li in Fearless. Though his style in that movie was wing chun.

Why is kung fu my favorite form of martial art? Probably because of the exotic origin. Its a style practiced by monks. You wouldnt think monks would know a fighting style, especially when they stand for peace and nonviolence but they do practice it every day, for the entirety of their lives. Its like their way of seeking higher consciousness and its a viable combat art. Most kung fu you see in movies or during shows Khalil Mack Jersey , or exhibitions are stylized sport martial arts. But not the shaolin. There are historical references of it being used in defensive battle as far back as 728 B.C. Normally, when you see a martial artist, its usually big muscles, lots of noise, a show, right? Not this one. This art trains practitioners with the purpose of nature. Im sure youve heard references to it in the movies Wholesale Bears Hats , where someone engaged in kung fu took a tiger stance or that of the crane.

Each one of these has a purpose behind it attached to the meanings of the animals, not to mention that the types of Shaolin have really cool names like 'Jiao long nu kong', which means the coiling dragon growls in wrath', or 'Qian jintui' the 'leg weighing one thousand jins'. compare that to boxing. Jab. Cross. How dull!

You cant help but admire the training and dedication, the grace, and fluidity of movement that accompanies this martial art. Out of all of the ones Ive read Wholesale Bears Hoodies , seen or done research on, I keep coming back to this one. Warrior monks even won battles and were honored using these techniques. It boggles my mind when I think of it. Weapon use, boxing, spins, kicks - all of it at lightening fast speeds and almost inhuman precision. I find myself sitting on the edge of my seat waiting eagerly for the next bad guy to come along or the next move in the exhibition.

Its amazing how they can do all those moves - flying through various forms, blocks Wholesale Bears Shirts , kicks, jumps, punches - and then stop give their bow and not even be breathing hard. They dont just use any weapon, either. A popular one is the long spear. Ive held one before. They arent light and theyre long. To use one takes a lot of skill, and they make it seem so easy.

It doesnt matter what form or practice of Shaolin Kung fu techniques are being used, I love it!

Yoshi Kundagawa is a freelance journalist. He covers the

mixed martial arts industry. For a free report on Shaolin Kung Fu visit his blog.

Kevin Durant of the Thunder drives to the basket against the Pelicans on Tuesday in New Orleans. Photo: CFP

Oklahoma City star Kevin Durant Wholesale Bears Jerseys , sidelined since October after surgery to -repair a broken right foot, scored 27 points in his NBA season debut on -Tuesday, a 112-104 loss in New Orleans.

Last season's NBA Most Valuable Player suffered a broken bone at the base of his small toe during a preseason exhibition game and in his absence the Thunder struggled with a 5-12 start.

New Orleans' Tyreke Evans scored a game-high 30 points. Anthony Davis added 25 points and 10 rebounds and Ryan Anderson came off the bench to score 23 points for the Pelicans.

Thunder coach Scott Brooks said -before the game he'd limit Durant to 30 minutes for his first few games back, and that was how long he played for on Tuesday.

Durant netted nine of 18 shots from the field and six of seven from the free-throw line. He also grabbed three rebounds, passed off two assists and gave away five turnovers.

"I was confident in myself. I knew my wind wasn't where I wanted it to be, obviously Cheap Bears Hats , but I felt good out there," said Durant, who missed the Thunder's first 17 games.

Durant, the reigning NBA scoring champion, took his first career MVP award last season by averaging 32 points, 7.4 rebounds and 5.5 assists a game.

He became only the fourth player in NBA history to win four scoring titles in five years Cheap Bears Hoodies , joining Hall of Famers Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain and George Gervin.

Russell Westbrook, in his second game for the Thunder after a hand -injury, added 21 points while reserve Reggie Jackson added 17.

Oklahoma City were trailing by 19 early in the third quarter. But with a -lineup of reserves, the Thunder closed the quarter on a 10-3.

Jackson kept scoring early in the fourth quarter - including a driving scoop as he was fouled and a roundhouse dunk - and the Thunder got as close as 87-82 due to Kendrick Perkins' layup with 10:24 left.

But when Perkins complained that he was fouled while scoring, he was -assessed a technical Cheap Bears Shirts , which marked the beginning of a 13-3 Pelicans run.

Evans scored the last eight points of the spurt, all on driving layups, hitting one after he ducked under Westbrook's attempted block on a fast break, caught a foot in the head and spun the ball in off the glass. He wound up scoring 15 straight Pelicans points.

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