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What ??u c?n d? to h?lp yourself.

Cancer genesfamily history

Genes carry the biological information we inherit fr?m our parents. They affect th? w?y ?ur bodies grow, work and look. Changes (mutations) ?n c?rta?n genes ??n increase th? risk ?f breast cancer in family members wh? inherit the genetic change. But ?nly a small number ?f breast cancers ?re thought t? be due to an inherited altered gene running ?n th? family.

Two gene ?hanges ??called BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations ???an run in ? family and increase the breast ?nd ovarian| cancer risk of those family members wh? inherit the genetic change. But th?? ?re n?t common.
How d??? m? family history affect m? risk ?f developing breast cancer?

It is only l?k?ly that ? genetic mutation th?t can increase y?ur breast cancer risk i? present in ??ur family Budda Baker Jersey , ?f you have:

thr?e close relatives fr?m the sam? side ?f the family (your mother?s ?r ??ur father?s family) who developed breast cancer ?t any age
tw? close relatives fr?m the ?ame side of th? family who developed breast cancer under 60
on? close relative who developed breast cancer ?t the age of 40 ?r under
breast ?nd ovarian cancer on th? ?am? side ?f th? family, ?r a male relative with breast cancer, or a close relative w?th cancer ?n b?th breasts.

Your close relatives are y?ur mother Haason Reddick Jersey , sisters or daughters. They are s?m?t?me? called ?our f?rst degree relatives.

If your family i? lik? this, ?nd you ?r? worried ?bout developing breast cancer yourself, you m?ght w?nt t? talk t? your GP. They will ?sk you questions ?b?ut ??ur family history. If y?u have a family history ?f ?n? unusual cancerschildhood cancers or ?ou h?ve Jewish ancestry or ?th?r ethnic background (where a faulty breast cancer gene ?s more common) Chase Edmonds Jersey , y?u should mention that to ?our GP. If ??ur GP thinks th?r??? a chance th?t y?u m?ght h?v? an increased risk of developing breast cancer b?c?us? ?f ??ur family history, they will refer ??u t? a genetic counsellor, family cancer clinic ?r ? cancer specialist.

Other risk factors in the development ?f breast cancer c?n play ? bigger role th?n family history.

Breast cancer ?? ma?nly ? disease ?f older women and ?? rare ?n women und?r 50. Only 1 in 9 women will get breast cancer ?n th??r lifetime Mason Cole Jersey , but the older ??u are th? more lik?l? ?t ?? that ?ou w?ll develop th? disease. In the UK m?r? th?n half of breast cancers occur in women over 65. Women und?r 50 ar? ?t far lower risk of g?tt?ng breast cancer than older women, ?nd women under 40 h?ve ?n ?v?n lower risk.
Hormone levels

There ?s some evidence th?t th? mor? years ? woman ha? h?d periods, and i? ther?f?re exposed t? the female hormone Christian Kirk Jersey , oestrogen, th? m?re prone ?he i? to breast cancer. This means th?t you m?? hav? ?n increased risk of developing breast cancer ?f you:

started ?our periods ?t an early age (under 12)
h?d ? late menopause (after 50)
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