In life, science is everywhere. The simple

In life, science is everywhere. The simple
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China's traditional Ching Ming Festival began around the Zhou Dynasty and has a history of more than 2,500 years. Qingming was a very important solar term at the beginning. When the Qingming Festival arrived Marlboro Lights, the temperature rose. It was a good time for spring ploughing. Therefore, there were ??being the seeds of the melons before and after the Qingming Festival??. "Afforestation, no clearing" farms. Later, because the days of Qingming and cold food were close, and the cold food was the day when the civilians banned the fire, the cold food and the Qingming became one, and the cold food became another name for the Qingming and also became a custom of the Qingming Festival. On the day of Qingming, there is no fireworks, only cold food.There is such a legend about cold food:According to legend, in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Jin Zhangong??s nephew Yu Ji, in order to let his son Qi Qi succeed, set up a poison plan to murder the Prince??s life, and Shen Sheng was forced to commit suicide. Shen Sheng??s younger brother screamed in exile in order to escape the scourge. During the exile, the heavy ears suffered humiliation. Most of the courtiers who followed him with him rushed out of the way. There are only a few loyal people left to follow him. One of them is called meson push. Once, the heavy ears fainted. In order to save the heavy ear, the meson pushes a piece of meat from his leg, and when it is cooked with fire Marlboro Menthol 100S, it is given to the heavy ear. Nineteen years later, the heavy ear returned to China as a monarch, which is known as one of the Spring and Autumn Five Commanders Jin Wengong Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online.After Jin Wengong was in power, he gave a big reward to those who shared his sympathy with him, but he forgot the meson. Someone pushed for the meson in front of Jin Wengong. Jin Wengong suddenly remembered the old things, and there was a guilt in his heart. He immediately went to ask the meson to push the imperial seal to the official. However, the poor man went a few times and the meson could not be pushed. Jin Wengong had to go and ask. However, when Jin Wengong came to the meson to push the family, he saw that the door was closed. Meson did not want to see him, and had already carried his mother into Mianshan (now southeast of Jiexiu County, Shanxi). Jin Wengong let his Yulin army search for Mianshan, but did not find it. Therefore, someone made an idea to say that it is better to set fire to the mountains Carton Of Cigarettes, to ignite on three sides, and to leave one side. When the fire started, the meson pushed out and walked out. Jin Wengong ordered the fire to burn the mountain Marlboro Cigarettes. It was expected that the fire would burn for three days and three nights. After the fire was extinguished, the meson was not introduced. When I went up the mountain, the meson pushed the mother and the son to hold a charred big willow tree that was dead. Jin Wengong looked at the body of the meson and cried for a while, then buried the body and found that the meson pushed the spine to block a willow tree hole, and there seemed to be something in the hole. Take a look, it turned out to be a piece of clothing, a blood poem on the top:ut the flesh and do your best, I hope that the Lord is always clear.

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