My childhood is colorful. I love my childhood.

My childhood is colorful. I love my childhood.
10 wrz 2018 - 10:33:48
My childhood is colorful. I love my childhood. I like my childhood. I have many good friends in my childhood. I am accompanied by my parents. My grandparents are taking care of my grandparents. I am very happy. But there are two inseparable friends in my childhood, that is my teacher and classmates!I have been in the sixth grade this year. I have been with my teachers and classmates for six years. They have brought me happiness and added a beautiful rainbow to my childhood. If it weren't for them, I couldn't get a colorful childhood. The teacher brought me passion and the classmates brought me happiness Newport Cigarettes Website.I tell you a secret: "When I was a child, my father and mother were always away from home because of their busy work. Grandparents and grandparents called me to go to their homes every day, only at home in the evening." Other students said I am their little baby! My classmates always envy me! But I don't want to, because I don't get the love of my father and mother. I long for the love of my father and mother! Although my family has money and toys, what do I want to do? But I can look forward to my mother's love Marlboro Red, my father's care! Just when I was in school, the teacher gave me a love, and the classmates gave me care. I am not so sad. I have become a sensible child from a longing for the love and care of my mother and father! This is the credit of teachers and classmates!How wonderful my colorful childhood is Newport Cigarettes Coupons, I thank teachers and classmates, I thank Grandpa, Grandma and grandfather, Grandma and my father and mother!y childhood is a beautiful rainbow in my heart!My good friend is also my same table Marlboro Red 100S, she is called Xiaofeng. She has big eyes and red lips, which makes people feel pity. She is a simple, kind girl, let me tell her about her!One day I went to the mall to buy things with her. We handed the things to the salesperson. We paid the money and left. I counted the money and found that I had more than ten yuan. I said, "Small wind, the aunt looked for more than ten yuan for me." I looked at her with a smile, her face suddenly said: "Small Cloud, we return the money to the aunt." I asked: "Why?" She said: "We don't want our money, we don't want it. When we lose, it is aunt." I said, "I don't want to return it to her." We can buy ice cream and buy something to eat. And she found it for us." She explained: "Can't wash the money, it's not our money, we can't. Moreover, everyone has done something wrong. When things happened Marlboro Lights, no one was perfect. No one was perfect. If you listened to Xiaofeng, my face suddenly became red. Xiaofeng said: "Let's go, let's go back and pay back." I nodded. After we returned the money to the aunt, she praised us and said, "Now the children are really kind." After listening to such a sentence, my heart is warm and sweet.Through this incident, I know that a person can't be greedy and cheap, be simple and down-to-earth.



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