The Improvement of Pad Off PCB Design

The Improvement of Pad Off PCB Design
28 cze 2017 - 09:34:31
Neither disassembly nor soldering can be avoided when PCBs are under maintenance. The aging PCBs or PCBs with too small pads always witness the pad off and soldering layer off on plate hole wall when components are disassembled from PCBs.

1. As to the pin pad off, the nearby pad on the same route can be connected to it with a short line that can be selected according to the distance and the amount of current it can hold. For the short distance, the trimmed discarded pins or pin header can be used for soldering; for the long distance, copper wires with outside insulating layer can be used for connection in order to avoid the short cut caused by the connection between lines and pins of other components. When pad off problem always takes place in this place, it can be verified that the PCB design here is so irrational that the design of pads must be optimized. Pads can be designed into long-round or water drop shape within the usable space and short and thick copper clad lines can be added to increase its absorption capacity towards PCB material.

2. As to the soldering layer off on plate hole wall, the reason lies in the small size of the plate hole. When components are disassembled from PCBs, comes along with the soldering layer of plate hole wall. So it?s suggested that the size of pad hole should be 0.3 to 0.5mm larger than that of pins in the process of design. When soldering tin layer on the pad hole wall has been fallen off, this method can be tried. Pins of new components should be installed before tin coating with the soldering tin layer a little thicker. Next is the pin soldering. The soldering tin layer on the pin is capable of soldering the pads on PCBs easily.



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