Revelation Online Open Beta has been live for couple

Revelation Online Open Beta has been live for couple
05 cze 2017 - 15:09:06
Revelation Online Open Beta has been live for couple days. Since then, players are confused by various issues, like failing to receive the verification code, unable to download the files etc. Here is a summary about all the known and fixed issues as well as solutions perhaps.

Revelation Online is not region blocked, so players can access it without a VPN. There is no any information in regards to the Assassin class so far. There will be no more resets to characters progression since Revelation Online OBT goes live. Fixed the issue that players cannot receive a verification email after registering. If you don?t get yours, please click ?resend code? now.

Fixed the issue of the fps when players switch from windowed to borderless. Now it is 4-8 fps, instead of 2 fps.Some quests with question/answer dialogues still haven't been translated to English. Some characters are named differently in real life and differently in the quest.Revelation Online shop is bugged so that players cannot buy mounts, Revelation Online Imperial Coins, or Aurums smoothly. The developers has marked this issue already.

When downloading Revelation Online, some players are suffering from ?Installation file availability pending? issue. The official site has announced that, ?if the problem persists, we recommend you to verify and fix the installed game client files via the Game Center.? And they are working hard to correct this issue ASAP.Revelation Online Imperial Coins For Sale

Revelation Online is still under development. The imperfect is inevitable, but it will be improved day after day. Besides, this game is full of oriental culture and the multi-ethnic clashes of civilization, which will give you a totally different gameplay.

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